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Our collections bring you the promise, the longing and the excitement to look your most special! Rimini aims to echo the wide ranging interests that define women of this generation, giving service to women of all sizes, from petite to voluptuous. Rimini makes subtle statements in fashion through refinement, expertise and quality by making use of comfortable and feminine materials. Our clothing expresses flair, female bravura and style and stands for a new individual grace.

Rimini was created by Wilma Woltman in 1985. In 1998 Rimini successfully launched its first collections at the German fashion fair CPD in Düsseldorf and in Brussels at the Fashion Fair, followed by the Prêt à Porter at Paris in 2003. Ever since the Rimini collection has been recognized as a high quality fashion label, selling successfully in all major Northern European countries.

Rimini is mainly distributed in The Netherlands, Belgium, North, East and the South of France, Germany, Norway and Denmark, all covered by our own representatives. We also cross other borders around the world, with customers in Russia, the United States, Finland and Sri Lanka. We create 4 collections a year; spring-summer, hot-summer, fall-winter and mid-winter, which are each completed by our basics line.


Dukdalfweg 60
1041 BE Amsterdam
The Netherlands
TEL +31 (0)20 615 90 53
FAX +31 (0)20 615 90 84